About Agromalls

We’re Providing The Best Solution

We’re Agromalls, a future generation for the most neglected community for decades- FARMERS. Despite, the huge contribution in India’s economy the financial state of them is witnessed to be low. To eliminate the middle man we’ve taken the initiative to improve their financial situation.
With us, the farmers will get less sequence of flows in the agri-supply chain and elimination of challenges. Also, they will get an option of how they want to sell their produced yield. Agromalls comes with an opportunity to reach a broader sector of purchasers for farmers with their produce.

Challenges Stemming Agri-supply Chain

  • Lack of transportation
  • High transportation cost
  • Few link roads
  • Lack of knowledge about prices
  • Low prices overcome in the market
  • Delay in payments

No More Barriers Only Carriers- Let’s Understand HOW?

  • Show us the sample of the commodity
  • We’ll upload the commodity at your (farmer’s) rate
  • Buyers will start bidding for your commodity
  • We’ll sell your commodity at the highest bidding rate
  • After final confirmation the trade will take place

Earlier, farmers never wanted a PC but this time you will because we Agromalls, with a MAKE IN INDIA motto, are giving a digital e-mandi to you for your hard work. As with Agromalls, an improved contestability will be experienced by the producer and the dealer with our bidding system. The relationship between the farmers and the dealers will be reliable in the expression of quality and price. The onlive trading of agriculture will be digital this time with quality assurance and transaction of volume goods proving to be beneficial for everyone including our economy.

Why choose Us

To help farmers, Agromalls is on a mission to make farmers self-reliant.
Join us in transforming the agri-supply chain system and helping farmers overcome big challenges through our marketplace.




Vission & Mission

Our Mission- Provide a digital e-mandi to farmers while helping them overcome challenges making sure they earn higher profits in less time with fewer efforts.

Our Vision- Enable selling opportunities for every farmer of our Nation.

Our Team

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